Executive Catering

Mission Statement

Here at Executive Catering of Phoenix it is our mission to provide our clients with an unforgettable experience by exceeding their culinary expectations. We offer dishes that are on the cutting edge of todays food trends, and we will continue working to keep up with the trends of tomorrow. Above all else we wish to provide a service unlike any other catering company in the valley.

How our company began

With aspirations of becoming one of the premiere catering companies in Phoenix, two gourmet chefs chose to use the experience they had acquired at select Phoenix 5 diamond resorts to begin their own company. We decided that we were ready to take what have learned and apply it in our way to offer our customers something truly unique. We are a company that specializes in providing custom menu offerings based upon client requests, as well as offering pre priced menu offerings to make it easier for a client to have more than one option.

Starting a company from nothing but the experience we have to offer, we have worked countless hours to make Executive Catering of Phoenix what it is today. We are passionate about offering affordable and unique menus, and we are able to do so while making everything homemade from scratch. We are able to cater to multiple types of clients by having both preset menu options as well as having the option to build a menu specifically based upon our clients requests.

We have built this company with the client in mind. We are here to provide superior service, amazing food, affordable prices, and options that can suit any need of our customers. With hard work, dedication, and the willingness to do whatever it takes we are proud to have the opportunity to realize our dreams and be one of Phoenix's elite catering companies.

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